Colour Explorer, Travel The USA And Canada To Source New Pigments

Company | Behr

Company description | Supplier of architectural paint and exterior wood care products to the American and Canadian “do-it-yourself” markets.

Job location | On the move in USA and Canada.

Job description | Travel the USA and Canada to source wild and whimsical colour inspiration: kayak the glacial blues of Lake Louise in Banff, join the crowd at a vibrant music festival, take in the bold exteriors of Charleston’s Rainbow Row, and experience many more moments of positively pigmented wanderlust in between; inspire and name Behr’s newest hues.

Compensation package | USD 10.000 + paid travel expenses (flights, lodging and cool experiences). The job will take place over summer 2019.

Application period | From April, 25 to May, 15 2019.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | Must love colour and be open to new, unforgettable and inspiring experiences; must have a valid passport and be able to travel across the USA and Canada during summer 2019.