Pro Showboat, Wear Jewellery And Take Pictures Of Yourself

Company | Jewellery Guru

Company description | Pre-owned luxury jewellery marketplace.

Job location | Remote

Job description | Show off fabulous jewellery by taking photos of yourself wearing it at home. That’s right, the company will send you out a beautiful selection of some of its most show-stopping pieces. All the company asks is that you try on the pieces, and take photos of yourself wearing the jewellery to be used across its website and social media.

Compensation package | Package of jewellery worth up to GBP 4.000.

Application period | From November, 4 to November, 8 2020.

Number open positions | 2

Candidate qualifications | People with a unique style, a keen sense of their own identity, an energetic personality and a passion for all things gold, silver and gemstone.