Future Trends Economist, Shape The Future!

Company | Department For International Trade

Company description |  UK Government department responsible for striking and extending trade agreements between the United Kingdom and non EU states.

Job location | London (UK)

Job description | To help guide DIT’s strategic thinking, it has created a new futures think-tank – The Global Futures Group – that sits at the heart of DIT within the Global Strategy Directorate. The candidate role will be on the Future Trends Team, responsible for creating the long-term quantitative analysis that will underpin DIT’s strategic decisions. Working within the wider ‘Global Futures Group’ the candidate will develop DIT’s analysis of the long-term economic, societal technological, and environmental trends that will shape the UK’s trade and investment prospects over the next 5-20 years and identify what those trends mean for DIT.

Compensation package |  GBP 37.410 to GBP 43.170 per year.

Application period | From June, 29 to July, 13 2020.

Number open positions | 10

Candidate qualifications | Outstanding english verbal and written communication skills; economists and quantitative analysis degree; fluent in english.