Social Spenders, Buy All You Wish!

Company | Outfund

Company description | Startups venture capital accelerator based in UK.

Job location | Remote.

Job description | Get paid to buy items from adverts seen on social media accounts, such as Instagram and Facebook; help the company to determine which social media platforms best deliver ads to target audiences, and drive the all important traffic that results in sales. Outfund is always looking to expand its knowledge of social advertising, a key tool many of its customers use their funds for to grow their businesses, and so it plans to share the data collected by the Social Spenders with the funded companies to help them make better marketing decisions. You will be required to track every ad you see, documenting the type of ad, the platform it appeared on, the date and time you saw it and whether you bought it or not. As a Social Spender you will also be asked to monitor how long you are on each platform before an ad appears and how many times you saw the ad before you decided to buy. 

Compensation package | GBP 70 per day to buy any product of personal interest from adverts served on social media platforms over one month, with a set budget of up to GBP 1.500 spending money.

Application period | From June, 15 to August, 17 2020.

Number open positions | 5

Candidate qualifications | No previous experience or qualifications necessary; must have active social media accounts on a least three of the following: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and Snapchat; must be 18+ years old; must be fluent in English; good writing and literacy skills.