Chocolate Manager In Uganda Cocoa Farm

Company | Latitude Trade Co.

Company description | Agriculture development and sourcing company active in the cocoa value chain in Uganda.

Job location | Kampala (Uganda)

Job description | Latitude Trade Company  is a rapidly growing social enterprise in Uganda established in 2016 sourcing specialty cacao for export to the US and European chocolate industry, and producing bean to bar chocolate at origin. Working with over 1,000 certified organic smallholder farmers, it provides chocolate makers in the US and Europe with the highest quality, transparently sourced and fully traceable Ugandan cocoa products. The candidate will be in charge of: development of LTC marketing materials & branding strategy; sales and distribution of Latitude chocolate bars, bonbons, and couvertures; social media strategy development & implementation; development of cocoa tourism and experiential programs for customers; development of pastry and culinary training program; improvements to food safety, production protocols, shelf-life; product development and testing.

Compensation package | Monthly stipend to be determined during the job interview + benefits (accommodation + annual return flight to home country + communications allowance + coverage of all work-related travel expenses + opportunities for ongoing involvement in company or projects).

Application period | From December, 20 2019 to January, 31 2020.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree from reputable university in related field; previous work or travel experience in Africa or similar context; knowledge, interest or previous experience in any of the following fields: Agriculture, agronomy, agroforestry, confectionery production & manufacturing, marketing/distribution, food science, sensory analysis, quality control, product development, finance, accounting, bookkeeping, systems development, grant writing, development program design; high degree of organizational skills; ability and willingness to learn and problem-solve independently; patience & sense of humor.