Christmas Fairs Tester, Dancing And Prancing In Jingle Bell Square

Company | Expocart

Company description | Major convenient one stop shop platform enabling to hire and buy all the equipment for all major exhibition.

Job location | On the move (UK)

Job description | Do some market research during the festive season, where markets and fairs are in full swing, for the three weeks before Christmas, and feedback what you find at each market: take quality photographs, observe what type of vendors are at each market, what equipment they’re using, whilst of course having a great time, with a friend! The company will give you a checklist of things to look out for at each market, such as: what types of stalls and how many stalls are there, what type of signage was used, how did vendors market their stalls and what type of vendors were selling at each market. You’ll need to provide a 750 word(ish) report with photos for each fair by the 10th January. In other words: go to Christmas markets, enjoy the festivities, do some shopping, drink some Gluhwein…

Compensation package | GBP 50 per hour per market (you’ll need to visit at least three markets a week) + travel expenses covered + pocket money to spend.

Application period | From December, 3 to December, 6 2019.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | “Christmas-obsessed”; at least 18 years old.