Lion Landscapes Social Media Strategist

Company | Lion Landscapes

Company description | Independent lion conservation organisation, operating in Africa.

Job location | Partly from remote, partly in Laikipia (Kenya)

Job description | Help the organisation to improve its crowdfunding campaigns to grow donor income: analyze the previous campaigns, to identify points to improve; create a messaging strategy for a social media fundraising campaign; define the target audience for raising capital; decide which channels will be used to reach that audience; create the campaign content (ads, copy, images, videos, etc.); analyze the current web and social media traffic, to identify any critical trends or data points; analyze current donors, and use this to find ‘lookalike’ audiences; set up Google analytics to analyze and adjust the campaign; decide campaign period and estimate advertising budget.

Compensation package | To be determined during the interview.

Application period | From September, 16 to October, 31 2019.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | Knows the way around the social media jungle, like the organisation knows its way around the African bush!