Abandoned Supercars Hunter In Dubai

Company | Hush Hush

Company description | The world’s leading luxury marketplace & VIP concierge service.

Job location | On the move in Dubai (UAE)

Job description | Are you a good negotiator? Do you have fantastic investigative abilities? Can you spot a supercar from fifty paces? Here’s just the job for you: seek out and acquire abandoned supercars in the UAE for resale on the company site.

Compensation package | GBP 30.000 per year + commissions + benefits such as accommodation in Dubai along with a living allowance, and travel expenses.

Application period | From July, 26 to August, 31 2019.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | Great working knowledge of supercars, their rarity and approximate market value as well as the ability to track down owners or finance companies to negotiate acquisitions; able to work quickly and arrange for shipping of cars to the company storage locations.