“Spa… ologist”, Try Out Luxury Spas And Treatments At Top Resorts

Company | SpaSeekers

Company description | UK’s longest-standing Spa booking agency.

Job location | On the move in the UK.

Job description | Try out luxury Spas and treatments at top resorts across the UK. Spend the summer earning money for getting pampered, testing hot tubs, and laying in luxury spas. Bask in the comfort of the warm summer sun as you indulge in spa treatments, swim in infinity pools, and become a professional hot-tubber.

Compensation package | GBP 125 per Spa. The job will have a 2 months duration during summer 2019.

Application period | From May, 3 to May, 31 2019.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | Aged 18 or over.