People And The Sea Site Manager At Philippinian Malapascua Island

Company | People And The Sea

Company description | Community-driven marine conservation organisation.

Job location | Malapascua Island (Philippines)

Job description | Assume overall responsibility for all People and the Sea operations and activities on the island of Malapascua; manage a team of local and international volunteers and staff and ensure the smooth running of site logistics; represent People and the Sea at formal events and meetings and promote the organisation’s interests.

Compensation package | PHP 25.000 per month + accomodation + food. The contract will have a 1 year duration min.

Application period | From April, 16 to May, 31 2019.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | University degree (equivalent experience will be considered); leadership skills and experience, showing the initiative required to develop innovative solutions to the diverse problems that can arise; exceptional communication skills; an understanding of the importance of networking and the development of collaborative partnerships in achieving project goals; good physical condition; excellent oral and written english; excellent interpersonal and motivational skills; living and working experience in a developing country; experience of working with volunteers; divemaster qualification desired but not mandatory.