Vibrant Vegan Director Of Taste, Travel The World To Discover New Green Ingredients

Company | Vibrant Vegan

Company description | UK plant-based food subscription service

Job location | On the move worldwide

Job description | Bring exciting new and innovative recipes to the UK as a Director of Taste. You will be responsible for finding, then taste testing new exotic ingredients and recipes, which will be fed back and incorporated into the company products. In detail: travelling up to four months at a time across the world to countries such as India, China, Turkey, Chile, Mexico and Japan; exploring, discovering and trying new plant-based ingredients and then feedbacking findings; helping set up overseas partnerships to source the new ingredients you find.

Compensation package | GBP 50.000 per year + all expenses covered including travel, accommodation and food.

Application period | From April, 1 to April, 30 2019

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | Suitably qualified with at least three years’ experience in the food business or as a Chef; preferably a degree in Food Science or similar, however this isn’t mandatory; despite the company being vegan focused, the candidate will not be required to be vegan, however they must focus on solely plant-based ingredients when working.