Tennent’s Beer Brewing Specialist

Company | Tennent’s Beer (C&C Group)

Company description | Scotland’s market leading brand of pale lager since it was first produced at the Wellpark Brewery in 1885.

Job location | Glasgow (Scotland)

Job description | Monitor the end-to-end Brewing process; control and safely operate the equipment required for brewing, fermentation, filtration, etc.; maintain high standards of cleanliness and sanitation to ensure plant and process hygiene; maintain accurate records during beer production; monitor and maintain yeast hygiene, vitality and viability; plan to ensure production schedules are met, with adjustments made in a timely way where necessary; monitor quality control and consistency of ingredients, raw materials and product within the process and at final package and demonstrate compliance with specification and regulations.

Compensation package | GBP 17.550 per year + benefits, such as: staff pension; generous holiday allowance; product allowance that includes your choice of soft drinks, water, beer, cider and wine. After 2 years, the candidate is expected to move into a permanent Brewing Operator role, and continue to develop and grow your career with Tennent’s.

Application period | From March, 19 to March, 24 2019.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | A good academic background: you probably enjoyed maths, science and technical subjects at school; good written and spoken English; a genuine interest in developing a career in brewing; some experience in life, school or employment that demonstrates your ability to live the company’s four ‘T’ values – Tenacious (determination to make things happen), Trusted (people know they can rely on you to get things done), Tempted (curiosity and confidence to try new ways of working), True (respect and care for your team-mates); the brewery operates on a shift pattern, so you’ll need flexibility to work on early, back and night shifts, on any day of the week.