Mondelez Chocolate Taster

Company | Mondelez International

Company description | American multinational confectionery, food, and beverage company. It consists of the global snack and food brands such as Milka and Oreo.

Job location | Wokingham (UK)

Job description | Chocolate taster to test the new inventions of Cadbury Dairy Milk, Oreo, Milka and Green & Black’s USA: be able to taste chocolate products and give objective and honest feedback; work within a team of panelists to share opinions and collaborate to reach an agreement on taste; use a clearly defined vocabulary to describe products and aid in the discrimination between products; be consistent in the results given.

Compensation package | To be determined during the interview.

Application period | From February, 28 to March, 31 2019

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | A passion for confectionary and taste buds for detection; honesty when it comes to giving opinion; eager to try new inventive products; a communicative personality to build great relationships with your panel; a firm grasp of the English Language.