Port Lockroy Assistant At The Island Of Penguins In Antarctica

Company | UK Antarctic Heritage Trust

Company description | Charity founded to advance the preservation, enhancement and promotion of Antarctic heritage to engage, inform and inspire a global audience. 

Job location | Port Lockroy (Goudier Island – Antarctic Peninsula)

Job description | Each year the charity recruits a small team of staff to work at the historic site of Base A, Port Lockroy in Antarctica and run the museum, shop, Post Office and maintenance programme. Port Lockroy, Base ‘A’, is a British historic base situated on Goudier Island off the Antarctic Peninsula. It was established in 1944 and operated as a British Research station until it closed in 1962. The abandoned base was designated a Historic Site and Monument under the Antarctic Treaty and in 1996 restored as a ‘living’ museum. Base A now welcomes visitors to the site every Austral summer, in order to promote the work of the UKAHT on the Peninsula and in the UK and to give visitors a taste of base life from the early days of British occupation. It is visited each Austral summer by approximately 18.000 ship-borne visitors, amounting to one to two ship visits per day.  The candidate will assist the Base Leader to most effectively run the post office, shop, museum and maintenance operation at Port Lockroy, Antarctica during the Austral summer. 

Compensation package | GBP 1100 per month + accomodation + food. The contract will have a 6 months duration, which includes the Antarctic season (approximately November to March).

Application period | From February, 27 to March, 11 2019.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | Fluency in written and spoken english; excellent communication skills; excellent IT skills; high level of attention to detail; ability to analyse data and produce concise reports; knowledge of best practice in customer service; awareness of the conditions and limitations of life and work at Port Lockroy.