Hotpod Yoga Content Marketing Manager

Company | Hotpod Yoga

Company description | Europe’s largest yoga business, with 58 sites across 8 countries and a customer base of over 100,000 people in only 5 years.

Job location | London (UK)

Job description | Lead the creative output of Hotpod Yoga, supported by a creative agency and an in-house graphic designer and reporting to the head of marketing; be responsible for significantly enhancing the brand’s content output across all marketing channels: develop and delivery of Hotpod Yoga content across all marketing channels, including social, blog, website, email (newsletters + brand) and overarching brand comms; create the Social Media Strategy in line with the wider content strategy: plan, create and cure content; work with the Marketing Assistant to to ensure all posts are scheduled and optimised; content management of Hotpod Yoga website (including blog) and the Hotpod Yoga app; support the graphic designer and franchise team in creating franchise marketing assets; help support in the Content production for local London marketing initiatives and brand partnerships working with the Marketing Assistant to execute.

Compensation package | GBP 30.000 / 36.000 per year.

Application period | From January, 29 to February, 28 2019.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | Content Strategy and copy-writing past experience; creative background; knows their way around a camera, ideally both photography and videography; understands how to adapt content across multiple marketing channels to maximise customer engagement and brand love; experience working with Indesign, WordPress, Mailchimp, Later; we’re a yoga business (obviously), and we all love a bit of yoga, but we’re not evangelical… being a yoga obsessive isn’t a prerequisite – but it’s probably helpful if it’s something you can get interested in and passionate about (you’ll be surrounded by it, after all)!