Earn $ 130.000 As Lighthouse Caretakers On Island In The San Francisco Bay (Couple Wanted)

Company | East Brother Light Station

Company description | Historic, victorian lighthouse in the San Francisco Bay, operated as a non-profit Dinner, Bed & Breakfast.

Job location | East Brother Island / San Francisco Bay (USA)

Job description | (addressed to a couple) Perform all inn-related jobs, including housekeeping, bookkeeping, front desk work and ferrying guests to and from the island.

Compensation package | Approximately USD 130.000 per year + accomodation in the lighthouse. The job will start in April 2019. Watch out: no Wi-fi nor TV on the Island!

Application period | From January, 28 to February, 28 2019.

Number open positions | 2

Candidate qualifications | Passion for hospitality and seafaring nature; Coast Guard commercial boat operator’s license; able to serve high-quality food, housekeep, and ferry guests to and from the mainland.