Ambience “Nose”, Get Paid To Sniff The Air In A Charming Italian Town

Company | Lonato del Garda Municipality

Company description | Town in Lombardy, northern Italy, on the southwest shore of Lake Garda, the biggest lake in Italy.

Job location | Lonato del Garda (Italy)

Job description | Sniff the air at points indicated on a map and respond to a questionnaire on a Smartphone App, following pre-established routes and stopping in fixed positions; fill in a card with the odor measurements.

Compensation package | To be determined during the interview.

Application period | From January, 3 to March, 31 2019.

Number open positions | 5

Candidate qualifications | Strong olfactory sensitivity (candidates will be subjected to a selection to assess their olfactory sensitivity, and then to field training for the recognition of odors produced by production activities in the area); age 18 or older; availability of own car (or moped, bicycle); no family or economic involvement with the production facilities included in the survey areas; absence of respiratory diseases (asthma, allergies, rhinitis, etc.).