Around the World in… One Hundred Days: Amazing “Friendship Journey” Chronicler

Company | Yuujou

Company description | International media-art project focusing on friendship. Yuujou aims to inspire far more face-to-face-moments and real connection. With a multicultural, cross media, interdisciplinary social experiment it wants to create a circle of friendship around the world: two teams of 3 creative people travel opposite directions from one friend to another. They start in Berlin and want to make it within 4 months to the other side of the world: Japan.

Job location | Worldwide (by all transport means)

Job description | On Thursday April the 11th 2019, six travelers (split up into two teams) take off and will be on the road for 100 days. The journey starts in Berlin and ends in Japan. Each team will travel around half of the world. They don’t know where their path will take them, they only know their final destination – Japan. The candidate must document the experience for the world to see and collect more experiences. To have more special and crazier experiences the teams have to fulfill tasks – for example to attend a special indigenous event such as a wedding.

Compensation package | Yuujou pays for the whole journey (all travel expenses, visas and food). The costs to travel to the start of the Yuujou journey in Berlin and back home after arriving in Japan are as well paid by Yuujou.

Application period | From December, 18 to January, 18 2019.

Number open positions | 5

Candidate qualifications | Creative skills to interpret and sharing the travel experiences such as photography, illustrating, singing or filming; intrigued by new people and cultures; can talk and write in English; can drive a car and ride a bike; excellent team spirit and can take directions from supervisors.