Game Developer in the “Hollywood of Games”, 30min by Train from London (the time of a couple of game levels!)

Company | Mojiworks

Company description | Fast-growing UK startup founded in 2016 dedicated to games for messaging apps. 

Job location | Guildford (UK)

Job description | Be the focal point of creating, developing, and operating games that pioneer how millions of people play together. You’ll have the chance to shape the way games are developed; create pioneering games for messaging platforms; absorb many different sources of information to help you make decisions, including team ideas and feedback, user testing output, large amounts of live game data, and your own experience and instincts. Your goal will be to make games with the potential to be loved by millions and delivering those in short timescales, months rather than years, to learn from the experiences of real players.

Compensation package | To be determined during the interview.

Application period | From November, 13 to December, 31 2018.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications |Expertise at imagining innovative software products aimed at a mass-market audience; deep understanding of the mobile, and wider, games market and the ability to use that to guide teams of creatives to make something exceptional; clear and confident communication style; fluent in written and spoken english; skill at collaborating in, not above, a team; drive to absorb and understand as many data points as possible, from team instinct to user testing to live data, to inform making good decisions; additive to a culture where we strive to collaborate closely, and iterate quickly and effectively to make amazing things happen; keen  to work in the heart of Guildford, the geekily glamorous ‘Hollywood of Games’, just half an hour by train from central London.