Online Optimism Digital Specialist, Jazz Up Your Life in New Orleans

Company | Online Optimism

Company description | Leading digital marketing agency.

Job location | New Orleans (USA)

Job description | Work on assignments and projects – participating in client meetings, and teaming up with full-time members as well as working independently – in one or more of the agency specializations: digital design, web design, content marketing, digital ads, SEO, social media.

Compensation package | $ 10 per hour + benefits (e.g. unlimited snacks and free lunches at local restaurants on fridays!).

Application period | From October, 26 to November, 7 2018.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | Fluent in written and spoken english; hard worker who wants to be a part of something exceptional; already graduated, or graduating in less than a year, preferably leading to a degree in Marketing, Communications, English, Design, or Statistics; a previous internship, or some other professional experience, related to the department you’re applying for.