Vidanta Professional Vacationist, aka Ambassador for Happiness

Company | Vidanta

Company description | Collection of lavish resorts located at seven of Mexico’s most beautiful destinations.

Job location | Several resorts (Mexico)

Job description | First off, you’ll need to relocate to some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico for a year (we know, hard sell, right?). Next, it’s absolutely required that you experience all of Vidanta’s luxury, art, culture, history, food, and entertainment. Here are a few things you’ll (definitely) experience on the job: VIP access at a primo DJ set, ushering baby turtles into the ocean, learning to salsa dance, trying to sing just like a mariachi, a whale shark swim-along, setting your alarm so you catch every sunset, checking every resort pool to make sure the water temperature is *just right*, learning new recipes from Michelin Star chefs, naming all the blow-up pool animals, experiencing golf the way Tiger Woods probably does, having a pair of sunglasses for EVERY OCCASION, determining how many hours of poolside lounging is too many, trying out new luxury spa treatments, expanding your repertoire at Karaoke Night, tasting the difference between Blanco, Resposado, and Añejo tequila.

Compensation package | $ 120.000 per year. The contract will have a 12 months duration.

Application period | From September, 10 to October, 21 2018.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | Talk to people and make connections; communicate things you’re enthusiastic about in a way that gets others on board; document your journey through social media; brainstorm new creative approaches to campaigns; stay on top of trends, technologies, and other influencers; sales and marketing experience; well organized with great time management skills; charismatic sunny vibes.