PIRG “Shape-the-future” Campus Organizer

Company | PIRG

Company description | Part of Public Interest Research Group, federation of U.S. and Canadian non-profit organizations that employ grassroots organizing and direct advocacy with the goal of effecting liberal political change.

Job location | Boston (USA)

Job description | Decide the strategies and tactics selected students will use to run campaigns that promote clean energy, public health, a stronger democracy and more: engage and mobilize hundreds of students on issues ranging from tackling climate change and getting big money out of politics to organizing voter registration drives and increasing recycling on campus; recruit and train students to plan and run effective campaigns on and off campus, using skills like organizing news conferences, building strong coalitions, generating grassroots support and direct advocacy; build a strong, sustainable, student-funded, student-run organization on campus; build relationships with other student groups, faculty and administrators; run a citizen outreach office during the summer, where you’ll recruit and lead a team of canvassers to fundraise for important issues.

Compensation package | $26.000 in the first year. Each of the groups that partner with PIRG Campus Action offers a competitive benefits package.

Application period | From September, 7 to September, 30 2018.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | Clear and persuasive oral and written communications and a native-level fluency in English; strong work ethic; outstanding verbal and written communication skills; proven leadership skills; strong commitment to getting results; passion for making positive social change.