The Plum Guide 1% World Top Homes Collection Curator

Company | The Plum Guide

Company description | Marketplace of the world’s best holiday homes, taking a systematic and obsessive approach to testing every single home on the planet, and accepting only the top 1%.

Job location | London (UK)

Job description | The role is part of a London based team who tests the best hosts with the most beautiful homes in Rome, Milan, New York & LA to decide which should be added to the collection. Once a home has passed the Plum test, you will be responsible for gathering and quality checking the output of our freelancers in each city, then transforming their work into listings that are truly inspiring. And 100% accurate.

Compensation package | To be determined during the interview.

Application period | From September, 3 to November, 30 2018.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | Ridiculously well organised; a sharp eye for detail: you notice the small things (a sub-standard photo or badly written copy, would never get past your inspection); unreasonably high standards for what is good enough; super entrepreneurial: you care about getting shit done. And when obstacles inevitably get in the way, you know how to hustle; excellent spoken & written English; good italian or french (but this is not essential).