Education Reform Now Committed Advocate

Company | Education Reform Now Advocacy

Company description | Non-partisan american organization which is committed to ensuring all children can access a high-quality public education regardless of race, gender, geography, or socio-economic status.

Job location | New York (USA)

Job description | Perform background research on potential candidates, both supportive and opposition. This includes issue positions, fundraising totals, endorsements, etc.; collaborate on in-depth projects with a team of fellows; write policy briefs; assist Political Department with daily tasks.

Compensation package | $ 15 per hour.

Application period | From August, 1 to August, 31 2018.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | Fluent in english; strong analytical and communications skills; able to meet deadlines with relentless attention to detail and accuracy; able to turn complex subject matter into easily consumable written products; computer and internet proficient; enthusiastic about learning new skills; interest in politics and education reform.