CNN Fervent Newsource

Company | CNN (Time Warner Group)

Company description | The most honored brand in cable news, the most widely distributed news channel in the world, reaching over 373 million households.

Job location | Los Angeles (USA)

Job description | Observe, participate in and learn about what goes on in the entertainment news division at a major newsgathering organization. Responsibilities include video logging, assisting producers on shoots, training to write for air, assisting in studio when needed and participating in various newsroom and production activities.

Compensation package | To be determined during the interview.

Application period | From July, 27 to August, 31 2018.

Number open positions | 1

Candidate qualifications | Enrolled college junior, senior or grad student; a strong interest in broadcasting, communications, entertainment, journalism and/or the news industry; proficient in basic computer skills and applications and be comfortable using Windows XP platforms; excellent written and verbal communication skills; comfortable working alone and within a team; familiarity with basic research skills using online search engines and databases is a plus.